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5 Veterinary Blogs for Vets That You Must Read This Year!

Posted by Lori Hehn on Jan 5, 2018 10:37:00 AM

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There are lots of famous vet bloggers that we all enjoy following, but much of their material is geared more towards clients and not so much us in the field.

Here are several of my favorite blogs- all authored by practicing veterinarians or soon-to-be veterinarians! These blogs are by vets and for vets, full of real life experiences and loads of learning.

1) Diary of a Real-Life Veterinarian: A top blog by a veterinarian facing real-life challenges and cases. Deep thought and time go into her posts. Controversial or not, there is much to be appreciated and learned through her experience and insight.

2) VETgirl on the Run: Provider of continuing education and knee-deep in real cases, this blog provides up to date information and education on a variety of topics. VETgirl is a team of well-recognized, board-certified veterinary specialists who are passionate about providing practical, clinically relevant, online veterinary continuing education (CE).

3) Veterinary Key Points: This blog is geared toward veterinary surgical learning, with input, photos of cases, and surgical techniques. An excellent archive with an occasional new post.

4) Merck Manuals Student Stories: Authored by various veterinary students, these posts are brief but provide good information about life on the front-lines of veterinary school.

5) Veterinary ECC Small Talk: This blog (along with videos on their page) covers a wide range of topics, from calculating CRIs, to evaluation of trauma patients. This blog includes very helpful podcasts:

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