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Do Our Pets Really Need All Those Vaccines?

Posted by Cari Wise on Aug 3, 2016 7:09:58 AM


August is National Immunization Awareness Month.  Given the controversy that surrounds vaccinations, pet owners also wonder whether or not their pets really need all the vaccinations that veterinarians recommend.  To follow is a list of the vaccinations most commonly recommended for our companion animals, along with information to help you pet owners when to say yes, and when to say no.

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Vet School, Would You Do It Again? Why so many are saying NO!

Posted by Cari Wise on Jun 15, 2016 7:22:45 AM


Would you still pick veterinary medicine as your career? Would you attend veterinarian school again? Do you have any Vet School regrets? To find out, in a June poll, we asked that question. With just over 100 responses so far, the results are discouraging. 

The majority of respondents, 42%, said No, and 20% said they Didn’t Know.  Only 38% said Yes, they would do it again. 

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Veterinary Medicine:  Can a Woman-Dominated Profession Survive?

Posted by Lori Hehn on Jan 28, 2016 8:00:00 AM


As we have all noted, the profession of veterinary medicine is largely becoming more and more female. Why exactly is that and what does this mean for the future of the profession? 

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The Top 5 Veterinary Stories of 2015!

Posted by Lori Hehn on Dec 31, 2015 8:30:00 AM


Whether good or bad, these are the most buzzed about stories of 2015 in the veterinarian community!

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Fairness To Pet Owners Act of 2015 or Hassle for Vets?

Posted by Lori Hehn on Dec 29, 2015 7:30:00 AM


Yes, it has been an ongoing hot topic in the veterinary world! There is yet another bill in Congress that was introduced this summer that is awaiting review by the House Energy and Commerce Committee known as the Fairness to Pet Owners Act of 2015.

This bill would require that veterinarians provide a written prescription for all medications (other than those given in hospital or acute situations) regardless of whether the pet owner chooses to have them dispensed in the vet hospital or not. I see several issues with this bill (which by the way is NOT supported by the American Veterinary Medical Association.)

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