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6 Best Note-Taking Apps for Vet Students

Posted by Lori Hehn on Jun 29, 2018 12:10:30 PM

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Times have changed and the majority of what we do now is on our devices. I think most people can actually type faster than they can write.

In addition to saving paper and reducing our carbon print, the best way to take notes is via a handy-dandy note taking app which you can easily access on most of your devices. 

 Here are some favorites among vet students:


  • simplenoteYou can save notes in plain text and can add tags, notes, and share to others.
  • You can search your previous notes.
  • You can make lists, create tasks, and set reminders for yourself.
  • It can be accessed through most web browsers.
  • Works well for both iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows users.
  • And it’s free!


  • Evernote-logo-logotypeThis is a very popular app that has many uses.
  • You can take notes, makes to-do lists, make voice reminders, create tables, and even collect photos.
  • You can search your notes to locate something quickly.
  • This is also a great app for professors or teachers because it can be used to make lesson plans, clip notes or resources from the web to look at later, make folders for students, etc.
  • You can even search handwritten notes!
  • Basic version is free, Premium is $69.99/year.
  • For iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

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  • 512x512bbYou can use this app to actually hand-write notes on a notebook or you can type them as well.
  • You can organize the notes into folders and can record audio (could be handy for lectures you want to hear again later!)
  • This app can also work with Dropbox and Google Drive which can come in handy for submitting work or sharing notes.
  • For iOS and Mac only.

Zoho Notebook  

  • notebookThis app is more of a note-card style interface.
  • You can make 6 different categories- text, checklist, audio, photo, sketch, and documents.
  • I can see where this might be handy for saving anatomy photos for studying later or jotting down key points during lectures to flip through later.
  • It is more of a simple interface but for some people that is appealing.
  • It is free and syncs to the cloud across your devices.
  • It’s ad-free also (which is always a bonus!)
  • For iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.


  • OneNoteLogoThis is a great app for veterinary students because you can organize your class notes into various sections and even download PowerPoints which you can write on in your notebook.
  • You can clip web articles, record audio, and provides a colorful platform. 
  • This one is not quite as great when transferring to other platforms. 
  • It works best on Microsoft products.


  • Google-docs-logoOk, so this one seems obvious. But, Google docs can be a great way to simply type your notes and share between classmates.
  • You can easily access your docs from different devices and is easy to organize.
  • So, if you aren’t ready to use a specific app or are a little intimidated by the whole process, we know that Google docs are always tried and true and easy to use!

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