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Link: Here's Who I Blame for the High Cost of Veterinary Care

Posted by Flavia Vaduva on Dec 17, 2018 3:24:02 PM
Flavia Vaduva
Flavia Vaduva is a general practice Veterinarian and a blogger for VetTechPrep. She has a passion for veterinary medicine, education and business management. She really enjoys interacting with veterinary students and veterinary professionals. She spends her free time riding horses and traveling to explore new places!
As a profession, we often struggle with the financial concerns that come with the cost of providing veterinary care.
I know I have been that vet that has tried to come up with multiple treatment plans that might work, despite the fact that I know what may actually work but was not approved by the client. I know I have been that vet that has taken on an owner surrender case that I paid for myself and had to then worry about how I would find a good home for that pet afterwards. I know I have been that vet that has had to perform euthanasias for issues that were probably treatable but not financially affordable for the pet owner. 
And every single one of those cases has stuck with me, affected me and changed the way I think about and practice veterinary medicine. And based on the fact that this article exists, I will bet that there are a lot of other vets out there that have been through and experienced the same things. 
And while it is comforting to know we are not alone, what is even more comforting about this article are all the solutions Dr. V offers. My favorite part of this article is the following: 
quotesVP“Our role as veterinarians is to provide care and offer you options, without being the ones to personally subsidize them. I think as a profession there’s still lots we can do, from encouraging more people to utilize pet insurance to working with outside financing companies to offer payment plans without taking on the burden ourselves. There are some great options out there and we should continue to explore how they can help.
Your role as an owner is to be as prepared as you can and understand that there is no safety net for pets. You are the safety net. Get insurance, set aside a savings account, get a Care Credit card. Donate to angel funds when you can. Know your limits; we’ll do our best to give you options, but you have to meet us halfway.” 

View the full article from Dr. V.

What are some other solutions you can think of? Share them by commenting below! 
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