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What Happens To A Vet In Vegas… Stays In Vegas?

Posted by Mauricio Dujowich on Mar 12, 2016 11:52:54 AM

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I just got back from attending the Western Veterinary Conference.  I’m going to just come right out and say it:

Veterinarians are by far the weirdest but coolest people. 

I’m so glad I’m one of them, and I hope I represent well. 

If you have not been to the Western Veterinary Conference this is definitely one to put on your CE Bucket List.  The amount of preparation that goes into making this happen must be insane. 

VV-booth.jpgThere is literally something for everyone at the conference, no matter what topic you want to review, learn, or explore; there are talks ranging from fracture repair to hospital management to critical care. 

Then, the exhibit hall was outrageous and a beast in its own right.  As soon as you arrive, you quickly spot the key players in the industry – instead of lowering their prices, they build extravagant hundred thousand dollar displays to twist our arms with magic shows, theater, baristas, or fresh hand squeezed lemonade to buy their products. 

Personally, I thought the ViralVet booth was by far the best new product of the conference.  Considering its humble appearance, it stood out among the drug and pet food giants.  Ok, I’m biased because I helped build ViralVet but if you have ViralVet I know you would agree. 

If you haven’t any idea what I’m talking about then you need to grab your iPhone/Android or tablet and download this ridiculously cool app.  Did I mention it is free?  If you want to see some incredible cases, learn, and occasionally help or get help from a fellow veterinary professional, then this app is for you!  

In case you are wondering, I did have a lot to drink and there are (blog inappropriate) things that I’d love to tell you someday over a drink.  Perhaps we’ll meet next year in Vegas, but for now, what happens to a Vet in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

~ Mauricio

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