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Where do you VetPrep? #WhereDoYouVetPrep

Posted by Andrea Dover on Nov 10, 2017 12:30:22 PM


Studying for the NAVLE® is in fool swing and we see many of you taking pictures of your studying habits on social media sites. It's amazing how studying has changed in just a few short years now that we have apps at our finger tips whether be it a laptop or a smart phone.

Below is my story of how I used to study, and when you are done, I have a challenge for you! You are probably doing it already!

How I Studied for the NAVLE® 20 Years Ago

scan2.jpgRecently, I joined VetPrep to become the new Veterinary Program Manager. It's heartwarming to be part of a team that is so dedicated to mentoring the next generation of veterinarians. 

Back in the day, when I was a senior student studying for boards, we didn't have the study resources like you have today. This was before the turn of the century - 1999 - and the concept of being able to pull out a smart phone, open an app with the touch of a finger and study on the fly was not even fathomable!

stack-books.pngBeing at the barn with the horses was my escape from the stress of clinical rotations. I spent countless hours there pouring over textbooks and desperately trying to cram in the knowledge I needed to pass The Big Test.

Kept company by the sound of shuffling feet and munching hay, I'd have books spread in a giant circle around me and a handful of highlighter pens every color of the rainbow.

I still have some of those old books, archaic as they are now and covered in all kinds of yucky animal stuff! Somehow I managed to get through it all and you will too! Only now, you have us here at VetPrep as a study companion and resource.

Andrea Dover

So Now it's your turn! What's Your Story (In Images)? Where do you VetPrep?

holdingvetprepapp.pngWe  would love to see how and where you study for the NAVLE® using the VetPrep service on your social accounts!

  • Are you on a laptop in a coffee shop?
  • Do you have a furry friend near by (sitting on said laptop)?
  • Are you on your smart phone using the new VetPrep Mobile app?
  1. Take a picture and post to your favorite social network (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter)
  2. Use the Hashtags:  #WhereDoYouVetPrep and #VetPrep (So we can find it)
  3. THAT'S IT!

Check out some of your fellow Veterinarians-to-be online VetPrepping:


I guess if you have to #vetprep, Santorini is as good a place as any. #probablyshouldhavewentonvacationafterboards

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"At a Concert?!"


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