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10 Tips for Vet School Success

Posted by Cari Wise on Jul 13, 2016 6:49:14 AM


Getting in to Veterinary School is the hard part.  So once you are there, how do you make the most out of your education?  We’ve compiled a list of 10 Tips to help you assure Vet School Success!

1.  Go To Class

That may seem like an obvious tip, but you might be tempted to skip classes now and then.  I mean, you got away with it in undergrad, right?  My advice, don’t do it!  The volume of information you learn in vet school is massive.  Class lectures will help you sort out what will later show up on your exams.

2.  Read Ahead

Whenever possible, try to read about your lecture topics prior to attending the lesson.  By reading in advance, you will introduce yourself to the new material.  The lecture will build on that new information base and you will be better prepared to ask questions regarding material that remains fuzzy.

3.  Approach Study As A Job

Vet school is a marathon, not a sprint.  If cramming got you through undergrad, you will be disappointed with the results the same approach achieves in veterinary school.  Consider this level of education as a job of its own. 

Block out 8am-5pm each weekday for school, whether or not you are actually in class.  Resist the urge to go home as soon as your classes are finished for the day.  In your “down time” go to the library or other quiet place on campus and study.

Establishing this regular study routine will help you to retain information and break the cram habit. 

Working an outside job while you are in vet school?  Plan your study time each week around your work schedule.  Plan in advance so you know when you will be studying each day.  Even if the 8am-5pm concept wont work with your job, you can still adjust the concept to make it work.

4.  Join Clubs

Are you interested in zoologic medicine?  Planning to just practice on horses?  Most vet schools have clubs that target special interest areas.  Join them!  Clubs provide great opportunities to augment your education with additional information and hands-on experience.  The more you use what you learn, the more likely you are to remember it.  And it will help you keep your veterinary passion ignited too!

5.  Join Professional Organizations

You don’t have to wait until graduation to join professional organizations. Many have student chapters available at your school!  Many organizations provide vast resources including job placement assistance, educational material and social support.  Connecting with others in the same situation will help you realize you are not alone!

6. Get Enough Sleep

Try to make all-night study sessions a thing of your undergrad past by scheduling in time to get enough rest.  You will retain more information and perform better on exams if you are well rested.

7. Exercise

Yep, you need to keep moving.  Regular exercise will help you to relieve stress.  The increased blood flow will make your brain happy too!  A happy brain will retain information easier and is more likely to resist depression.

8.  Relax

You have to find time for yourself amongst the vet school chaos.  Find time each week to unplug, step away, and recharge your batteries.  Gathering with friends, meditation, and attending a movie are just a few activities that can help you to relax.

9. Have Fun

Never again will you experience the unique camaraderie of vet school.  Enjoy the ride!  Remember to laugh!  You are building relationships that will last a lifetime.   You worked hard to get here.  Have fun along the way!

10. Sign up for the Daily Dose of VetPrep

No Vet School Success Tips list would be complete without including VetPrep!  The Daily Dose of VetPrep is totally free and delivers a NAVLE® style question to your email inbox each weekday.  Sign up early to remain focused on the types of questions you will encounter during the most important exam of your life.   

12 Strategies for Answering NAVLE® Questions

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In this guide we cover topics such as:

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Topics: Stress Management, Health & Wellness, NAVLE, Vet School

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