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AVMA Offers Resources to Fight Cyberbullying

Posted by Cari Wise on Jan 6, 2017 10:51:57 AM


Advancements in technology and social media have provided an open forum for attacks of all kinds, and veterinarians are no exception.  Even if  your practice does not have a website, Facebook page, Twitter account or other virtual media outlet, you are still at risk of cyberbullying.  

Careful management of your personal accounts is no longer enough to keep you safe.  Thankfully, the AVMA has developed DVM resources to assist vets when a disgruntled third party elects to utilize the internet to ruin your reputation.

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"These sites can give your veterinary practice incredible visibility and unparalleled opportunities to connect with your clients and community, but there is a dark side. A Harvard study found that approximately 16% of restaurant reviews (both positive and negative) are fake. Cyberbullying is a growing concern as well, and attacks on veterinarians can cause significant stress for the veterinary team and can impact your business."

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How to Land Your Dream Job

How to find your Vet Dream JobThey say getting in is the hardest part.

“They” don’t know how challenging vet school can be.

But you are in the middle of it and you know that it is very difficult; lots of late nights studying, worrying about your patients, mountains of debt, a giant board exam to pass prior to graduation and then, oh yeah, I guess you should think about getting a job too.

We put together a list of what you should be considering when looking for that DREAM JOB:

  • Know what Employers are Seeking in a Vet
  • The Top Tips for Finding a Job
  • Tips for the Interview
  • ...and more!

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