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Can we quantify the true cost of veterinary student debt?

Posted by Cari Wise on Mar 4, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Elizabeth Johnson, Ross Knippenberg, PhD, and Mike Dicks, PhD wrote an article that appeared on titled "Can we quantify the true cost of veterinary student debt?". The piece talks about the the burden of paying down student debt early in their careers plays a significant role in new graduates' lifestyle satisfaction.

quotesVP.jpgMany veterinary students will tell you they’ve wanted to be a veterinarian since they were small children. Whatever persuaded them—a beloved pet, involvement in FFA or 4-H, or time spent shadowing a veterinarian—this profession has no lack of passion. Passion for the profession is what allows these students to look past the sacrifices and strenuous academic requirements necessary to pursue a veterinary degree.

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Dr. Wise's Take
Veterinary Medicine is considered a Passion Profession. You know you will endure strenuous schooling, and accumulate a good deal of debt, to become a veterinarian. You know your pay will not mirror that of human doctors, even though your education is arguably more difficult. You do this to pursue your passion. But what does that mean for you post graduation? In reality, your sacrifice will continue for many years into your professional career, as you pay down your student loans. 

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