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Canine Vaccine Fact:  Are DHPP and DA2PP vaccines the same thing?

Posted by Cari Wise on May 9, 2016 at 8:26 AM
Cari Wise
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Technically this canine vaccine is different, but they are kind of the same...  

Both are vaccine acronyms for the viruses they protect against:  

D: Distemper
H -or- A2:   Hepatitis /Adenovirus Type 2
P: Parvo
P: Parainfluenza

In a DHPP vaccine, hepatitis protection is gained by Adenovirus type 1 (the canine hepatitis virus) in the vaccination, and is listed as "H".

In a DA2PP vaccination, hepatitis protection is gained by Adenovirus type 2, which cross protects against the hepatitis causing Adenovirus type 1, and is listed as "A2".



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