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Detailed Five Month Study Plan for NAVLE Review Questions

Posted by Cari Wise on Aug 7, 2019 8:59:00 AM


Hey Vet Student, the NAVLE is going to be here before you know it.  It’s time to implement a NAVLE study plan so you can tackle the most important exam of your career with confidence!   We’ve created detailed study plan so you can use your study time wisely and conquer the NAVLE review questions.

  1. Dedicated study time
  2. Mobile device or laptop
  3. VetPrep subscription

To get the very most out of your VetPrep subscription, choose the Premium option!


The test contains 300 scored questions. The NBVME website reports canine, feline, equine, and bovine make up 23.33%, 22.67%, 15.67% and 15% of those questions, respectively.  That is 76.67% of the entire exam.  Questions pertaining to pigs make 5.67%.  And sheep and goats combined, pet birds, other small mammals and public health account for 3.3% of the exam each. The remaining 4.33% is a combination of poultry (2%), non-species specific (1%), camelidae and cervidae (0.67% each).  

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Focus your efforts where it matters most!

5 Months Before Exam

  • Review all canine and feline Power Pages.
  • Watch all canine and feline Power Lectures*.
  • Complete all canine and feline practice questions.
  • Complete one timed exam weekly.

4 Months Before Exam

  • Review all equine and bovine Power Pages.
  • Watch all equine and bovine Power Lectures*.
  • Complete all equine and bovine practice questions.
  • Complete one timed exam weekly.

3 Months Before Exam

  • Review all remaining Power Pages
  • Watch all remaining Power Lectures*.
  • Complete all remaining Practice Questions.
  • Complete one timed exam weekly.

2 Months Before Exam

  • Complete any remaining Practice Questions.
  • Complete remaining timed exams.
  • Review exam statistics to identify weak spots.
  • Review Most Difficult Questions.

1 Months Before Exam-Test Date

  • Utilize “Pile of Done” * to challenge yourself with endless questions until your test date!

*Premium - exclusive features include Power Lectures and the brand new Pile of Done that recycles completed exam questions indefinitely once you have completed 80% of the program!  You can upgrade to a premium subscription at any time to take advantage of these great features!

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Set aside blocks of time to study, increasing as you go along.  The test can take up to six hours to complete.  Work now to condition yourself for that length of focus.  Begin with at least thirty minutes, working up to two hours per study session.  When you are completing timed exams, allow 65 minutes per 60 questions and try to complete two or three sessions back to back as you get closer to test day.

VetPrep practice questions and exam questions are recycled until you answer them correctly! The amount of time needed to complete all of the VetPrep content will vary depending on your level of knowledge and test-taking skills.  Work to finish it all.  Remember, because of the recycling feature, the items you leave unfinished are the ones you kept getting wrong. Don’t leave information behind!


Don’t forget about the “I don’t know” button!  When you select “I don’t know” instead of an answer in Practice mode, you will be taken to the explanation and the question will automatically recycle without impacting your statistics!  Keep this in mind for questions that are completely unfamiliar the first time you see them.  Learn from the explanations, and know you’ll have a shot at it again. 

Eat well, prioritize sleep, exercise to decrease stress and relax often.  This is a marathon, not a race.  By taking care of yourself during the study process, you are are more likely to achieve a positive outcome! 
Plan ahead!  Visit the testing facility in advance.  Learn what you can and cannot take into the facility with you.  Dress comfortably. 

Eat a good dinner and get to bed early the night before the exam.  Do not study.  Cramming in the last 24 hours is more likely to hurt you, than help, so just focus on relaxing.  On test day, eat a good breakfast with plenty of protein.  Avoid foods and beverages likely to make you jittery.  Arrive early.  Proceed confidently.  You’ve got this! Need a Pep Talk?!  Watch this video to get pumped up and to get you passed the finish line!

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