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Dogs Can Help with Asthma Prevention?

Posted by Jessica Gramlich on Nov 6, 2015 10:00:00 AM

dogandcowFor years we have been touting the benefits of the human-animal bond.  Sharing your life with an animal can help reduce your blood pressure and improve your mood. There are studies showing that dogs help to calm children learning to read or undergoing cancer treatment.  Owning a pet can help the elderly stay engaged and active.  Let's not forget the countless ways that service animals enrich our lives. Now scientist are finding evidence that spending your early childhood years with a dog, or living on a farm may help to reduce your risk of developing asthma.

It's an interesting symbiotic relationship.  The majority of our time in the exam room is spent discussing zoonosis, ways that your pet can make you sick, but this report gives us ammunition in the other direction.  Now we can discuss ways that your pet can make you healthy.  

Read on for more information about how pets can help with the prevention of disease.

Source: Medical News Today

How to Land Your Dream Job Friend

How to find your Vet Dream JobThey say getting in is the hardest part.

“They” don’t know how challenging vet school can be.

But you are in the middle of it and you know that it is very difficult; lots of late nights studying, worrying about your patients, mountains of debt, a giant board exam to pass prior to graduation and then, oh yeah, I guess you should think about getting a job too.


We put together a list of what you should be considering when looking for that DREAM JOB:

  • Know what Employers are Seeking in a Vet
  • The Top Tips for Finding a Job
  • Tips for the Interview
  • ...and more!

Download Dream Job Guide  How to Land Your Dream Job after Vet School

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