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Increasing Social Media Reach For Your Vet Practice!

Posted by Lori Hehn on Mar 16, 2018 9:25:00 AM

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Chances are, you are fluent in using social media in your daily life. The majority of Americans are on their phone on average of 5 hours per day. That number is staggering!

So, if you are looking for a great way to reach your clients, look no further than the device in your hand.

  • Blogging: Most websites can support a blog. This can be a place for you to write about happenings in your clinic, special offers, a “case of the month,” information about common diseases in your area, new puppy care, etc. The ideas for blogging in veterinary medicine are endless. The blog can auto-post to your clinic’s Facebook or other social media accounts. This gives your clients a direct line to your website, where they can look around, find out more about your practice, and schedule their appointments. Using a blog that posts to your social platforms automatically is HUGE for this reason! If you post about meaningful and relatable pet material it is likely to be shared, which may draw in new clients.
  • Veterinary Apps: Some practices use a platform where clients can access their pet’s medical data, request refills of medication, or schedule an appointment online. While many older vets may be hesitant to accept this type of platform, the reach can be very profitable and help form a closer bond with the younger generations and their pets. After all, a large percentage of our clients are millennials! They overwhelmingly want these Apps on their mobile devices. PetDesk is the one we use in our practice, but there are others you may check into. They offer a package to include management of your website- which can include a blog as mentioned above.
  • Facebook Page: Most businesses have a Facebook Page. Even if you don’t have Facebook for personal use, a business page is a must. It does take some dedication and planning to properly utilize Facebook as a business tool, which can be difficult when we are consumed with our jobs. It can be very handy to have someone you trust- an office manager, or veterinary technician, that can help you come up with clever ideas or post photos of your clients and pets with permission.
  • Twitter posting can be great if you have the right audience. It is my general feeling that not as many people may use Twitter specifically for veterinary client outreach, but you may post links to your blogs here as well. The downside is you can’t write much on Twitter- but if you are busy, posting a photo with a sentence or a quote can expand your reach some.
  • Instagram is a favorite, especially for millennials. Who doesn’t like to look at photos from your life in the clinic? Always ask permission from the owners to post photos of their pets. Pictures of procedures (not too graphic of course), wellness visits, cute or funny photos and stories do well on Instagram. This can also connect to your Facebook page.

Be sure to check out Snout School with Danielle K. Lambert. If you are in the veterinary community and looking for ways up your game through social media, look no further than her recommendations on this specific topic. She has very valuable advice and resources available.

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