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VetPrep's Ira Gordon Speaks at Veterinary Innovation Summit at Texas A&M

Posted by Erik Manassy on May 2, 2017 9:49:40 AM

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Our very own Ira Gordon was on the panel in the session “Bringing the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Veterinary Medicine” at the Veterinary Innovation Summit at Texas A&M this past weekend geared toward recognizing the gaps in the veterinarian profession, the disruptors banging on the door and trying to get some sort of game plan in place for the future.

quotesVP.jpgStacee Santi from writes "The idea is the easy part, it’s where the rubber meets the road when things get lost and often abandoned for various reasons as illuminated during the session “Bringing the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Veterinary Medicine” by my fellow veterinary founders, Dr. Dani McVety of Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, Dr. Ira Gordon of VetPrep and ViralVet, and Dr. James Andrews of Felcana. Interestingly though, all of the challenges that entrepreneurs face are exactly the things that veterinarians are designed and trained for during our years of training and practice. The way I see it, there isn’t anyone better suited for this challenge.
It all starts with the application to veterinary school. If I had a nickel for every time someone tells me they wanted to be a veterinarian but they either couldn’t handle the school or the euthanasia scene, I probably would have made enough money to pay off my student loan. The mere fact that your name ends in DVM makes you a perfect candidate to be an entrepreneur. It’s during the rigorous veterinary college that we “learn how to learn” with a problem-based approach". - Continue Reading the full article on
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