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Erik Manassy

Erik Manassy is the Digital Marketing Lead for xPrep Learning Solutions Inc, including VetPrep. Responsible for all Inbound Marketing initiatives using the HubSpot solution, Erik scours the web looking for ways to improve Vet Students lives.
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Examples of Free Daily Test Prep Questions for the NAVLE

Posted by Erik Manassy on Jul 18, 2019 8:00:00 AM

The NAVLE can be a daunting task.  After 3 years of preparation, 8 years of loans and a lifetime of dreaming the NAVLE stands between you and your goal of practicing veterinary medicine.  It's easy to become overwhelmed, but have no fear, VetPrep is here to help. 

We have been working tirelessly for a decade to make studying for the NAVLE as painless as possible.  So, take a peek at our free test prep question.

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Topics: NAVLE, VetPrep

LINK: A Chronicle of a Vet's Life

Posted by Erik Manassy on Nov 8, 2017 7:44:46 AM


Inspired by James Herriot, Dr. P.J. Miller decided to recount his adventures as a veterinarian in the modern age in his book "Cute Poodles, Sweet Old Ladies and Hugs: Veterinary Tales.

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Topics: Links, Veterinary Books

VIDEO: What to do if Involved with a Medical Mistake

Posted by Erik Manassy on Jul 20, 2017 7:37:59 PM


Ira Gordon from The Secret Life of Vets gives you some advice if you are involved with a medical veterinary mistake.

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Topics: Medical Mistakes, Videos

VIDEO: Vet Student, Don't Forget to do This!!!

Posted by Erik Manassy on Jul 13, 2017 10:19:10 AM


Why is Dr. Mauricio Dujowich (aka "Dujo") jumping over a wall? Why is he behind bars? What does this imagery have anything to do with Vet Medicine? Well, watch the video. The message is quick and simple! 

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Topics: Stress Management, Videos

VIDEO: Bad News for Vet Students

Posted by Erik Manassy on Jul 12, 2017 8:01:43 PM


Dr. Mauricio Dujowich (aka "Dujo") is back for another installment of "The Secret Life of Vets". In this video, Dujo reacts to the news that the interest rates for federal student loans increased on July 1, according to the AVMA.

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Topics: Student Loans, Videos

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