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Thumbs Up for ViralVet from Germany

Posted by Cari Wise on Jan 24, 2017 9:32:24 AM


636036093022898849-970803734_Thumbs-Up-Germany.pngVetPrep's ViralVet App was recently reviewed by a German Veterinarian, Daphne Frederiksen, who gives vet apps reviews, and recently gave a full review about the ViralVet apps' functionality, the community and the overall influence ViralVet has to the veterinary community.  You can read the full article here (in German).   If you don't speak German, we translated and pulled out some quotes:

quotesVP.jpgThe app has many international users; especially American vets use ViralVet. Watching the sometimes rare diseases is fun and educational. Because each user can have their say in a case, it is wise to review the opinions critical. Users who verified that they are indeed vet, get a check in their name. Their contributions are higher in the list of responses than non-authenticated users.

I find it very informative app, as well disorders describes you do not see here, such as certain parasites. On my own website I write reviews of apps for veterinarians. I look critically at apps and finds that ViralVet well put together in its simplicity. "

About ViralVet

ViralVet was conceived by a small group of veterinarians wanting to improve our profession with an interesting and educational mobile app. With an international development team, we built the app specifically for the veterinary community to allow for instantaneous sharing, learning, and collaboration, all within a tight-knit veterinary social network.

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