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Veterinarian Infographic: What is a Salter Harris Fracture?

Posted by Cari Wise on Jan 3, 2017 8:54:08 AM


Veterinarian Student, A Salter-Harris fracture involves fractures of the growth plate. These fractures are specifically seen in young, growing animals. The growth plate fractures because it’s the weakest part of the bone.

If fractured, surgery needs to be done as soon as possible, after the injury occurs. Veterinary surgeons use the Salter-Harris system to categorize these fractures into grades or types.

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Type 1: separation through the growth plate- best prognosis.

Type 2: component of fracture travels up the metaphysis.

Type 3: component of fracture travels down the epiphysis.

Type 4: fracture through the epiphysis and metaphysis crossing the growth plate.

Type 5: crush injury to the growth plate (may not be visible on radiographs)- worst prognosis .


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