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VetPrep users, Have you heard about the Pile of Done?

Posted by Cari Wise on Jul 7, 2016 6:53:59 AM


VetPrep Users, you asked for it and we delivered!  A new feature has been added to our premier online study tool for the Navle®.  Never run out of questions again thanks to the Pile of Done!

Here’s how VetPrep works:

4000 Questions

Over 4000 questions have been strategically created, complete with detailed explanations, to help you study.  The questions are divided into Practice Questions and Exam Questions, and they “recycle” until you get them right.  Your Percent Complete increases as you answer questions correctly.


The Statistics Page provides you with detailed information regarding your performance on Practice Questions and Exam Questions, helping you to tailor your efforts to the areas where you need to improve.


PowerPages, a library of to-the-point information on a variety of topics, are included free with each VetPrep subscription.  The PowerPages can be accessed independently, and also by direct link form the questions for which they are relevant.

But Wait! There’s More!


Users who subscribe to VetPrep’s Premium option also get PowerLectures.  Over 100 lectures associated with relevant NAVLE® content have been created to enhance your study.  And now, Premium users also have access to the brand new Pile of Done!  (Great name, right?!)

Wondering what happens to the questions you got answered correctly?  Wanting to review that content again? Still have days, weeks or months until the NAVLE® and have finished all the VetPrep content?  How do you keep studying?

The Statistics Page has always contains all completed questions and answers for your review.  But now, Premium users have access to the brand new Pile of Done!

The Pile of Done unlocks for Premium subscribers once 80% completion of all content has been achieved.  Once unlocked, Premium users can dive into the Pile, which contains all questions previously answered correctly in a fun new study format.  Questions are always randomized, so each trip to the Pile is a new experience.  You’ll never run out of questions again!

Don’t fret if you already committed to a Standard VetPrep subscription.  You can upgrade to a Premium subscription anytime through the Account tab, or by contacting Support! 

And don’t forget, the Early Bird Special runs through July 15, 2016, extending a 90-day subscription clear through the end of the Nov/Dec NAVLE® test window!  The sooner you sign up, the more time you get for the 90-day price. How cool is that!

Best Wishes as you prepare for the NAVLE®!


Learn More: Early Bird Special

Join over 38,000 veterinarians who have trusted us with their NAVLE® preparation.

More than 99% of students who enroll in VetPrep pass the NAVLE® and we think you will quickly see why. We promise to help you study smarter and focus on what you need to know to be successful.

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