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VIDEO: Should You Study for the Boards in the Summer?

Posted by Erik Manassy on Jun 29, 2017 8:30:00 AM

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Summer 2017 is here, and you may have asked yourself an important question: Should I start studying NOW for the NAVLE which takes place in November / December of this year? That's a great question and Dr. Mauricio Dujowich from VetPrep, ViralVet and VetTechPrep has some great advice for you in this video.

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Mauricio: [00:00:11] Hey I'm Mauricio and You're watching The Secret Life of vets and the question for today is Should I start studying for the boards?

Mauricio: [00:00:18] Well Summer just started and it's nice weather. And if you live by the beach it's probably really nice to be at the beach right now. I would say hell no. Don't start studying for boards. There's too many good things to do. But I will say you have to keep it in the back of your head. So when I say don't study for boards I mean study for boards without trying to study for boards. Now what am I saying. I'm just confusing everybody right.

Mauricio: [00:00:49] So what you want to be doing right now is probably focusing on just enjoying your learning. OK. Don't burn yourself out. Enjoy your learning. Do things that you know help you passively learn without really stressing you out too much. That's what I would recommend.

Mauricio: [00:01:05] The boards are probably going to be around November December if you start going nuts and studying super hard right now, my biggest fear is you guys are going to forget the content so you're just going to kind of cram. So if anything you want to do things that are going to sort of create a better foundation for you to retain information.

Mauricio: [00:01:26] So what does that mean. Go to clinics right. Pay attention and clinics be involved in clinics. Go do your externships. Be involved in those externships. Ask questions you'll see cases you'll do procedures and when you hit the books you'll say oh my gosh.

Mauricio: [00:01:41] Now I know why I was doing such and such and it will help you I guess make that synapses that you're looking for so that you're hopefully more likely to recall information and have it stick when you go to study for boards. So those stay for boards yet but keep it in the back of your head and do things that are going to hopefully you know set you up for success for when you study for boards a few months from now.

Mauricio: [00:02:06] That's my two cents.


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