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Why Vet Techs are a Veterinarian’s Best Friend

Posted by Cari Wise on Oct 18, 2016 7:05:06 AM


Veterinarians, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your quality-of-life in practice is to pair up with an excellent Veterinary Technician.  Here are X reasons why I believe Vet Tech  are a Veterinarian’s Best Friend!


Vet Techs Reflect Practice Culture

I believe this so strongly, that I suggest you take into consideration the utilization of vet techs in a practice before you accept a job offer.  In fact, I recommend you talk to the vet techs, or at the very least find out how long they have been  with the practice, before committing to anything.  In my experience, the health of a practice’s culture is reflected in the veterinary technicians who work there.  The longer they’ve been around, the more likely the environment is a happy one.

Vet Techs are Great Teachers

Vet Students, who you first get out of school, you will be terrified.  That is normal.  And you won’t be great at drawing blood, taking radiographs or restraining animals…  but your seasoned vet techs will be good at these things.  Let them teach you!  Don’t pull rank on them, especially over something as trivial as this.  Partner with them.  They will make your life easier! 

Vet Techs Have Your Back

In most cases, it is the vet tech who will interact with the client and patient before you do.  In those brief moments they can assess the temperament of both man and beast, and warn you in advance if a potential hazard lurks on the other side of the exam room door.  The most talented vet techs can even work their magic to calm agitated people and pets. 

Vet Techs are an Extension of You

It’s not uncommon for a client to pose questions to the vet tech after the DVM leaves the room.  Sometimes they just need something explained again.  Other times, they are looking for reassurance about the choices they made for their pet, or about the doctor’s competence.  Partnering with a vet tech who understands your philosophy will go a long way toward making each client visit positive for all involved.

Vet Techs are Super Fun

Not many people “get” veterinary humor, but vet techs do.  Do you dread full moons?  Are you superstitious about the word “BL*AT”?  Have you been known to sneak mystery items into your colleagues lab coat pockets? Vet techs understand these goofy veterinary behaviors and are often more than willing to play along and one-up your playful antics!

This is National Veterinary Technician Week.  Be sure to show your Vet Techs just how much you appreciate them!

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