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You know you're a Vet Student when...

Posted by Cari Wise on Feb 9, 2016 8:00:00 AM


Veterinarians and Vet Students alike are bonded by the unique experience Vet School provides. The adventure leaves us with a different sense of humor, and new view of the world around us.

We’ve compiled a list of ten classic Vet Student Traits and invite you to add your own! Veterinary humor is the best!  Let’s see what you’ve got!

You know you are a Vet Student when...

  1. You spend free time shopping online for the perfect scrubs

  2. You are asked to not discuss your studies at the dinner table

  3. When the black light shines at a club, you check yourself for ringworm

  4. You walk away from dishwashing with your hands in the air

  5. You take your temp and think 102°F is normal

  6. Gross anatomy lab makes you hungry

  7. You watch medical-based television shows for terminology practice

  8. Pet hair becomes a condiment

  9. Your go-to charades impressions are Kennel Cough and Reverse Sneeze

  10. You use Facebook to post your new high score on a VetPrep NAVLE Exam


Now it's your turn!  How do you recognize a Vet Student?

How to Land Your Dream Job

How to find your Vet Dream JobThey say getting in is the hardest part.

“They” don’t know how challenging vet school can be.

But you are in the middle of it and you know that it is very difficult; lots of late nights studying, worrying about your patients, mountains of debt, a giant board exam to pass prior to graduation and then, oh yeah, I guess you should think about getting a job too.

We put together a list of what you should be considering when looking for that DREAM JOB:

  • Know what Employers are Seeking in a Vet
  • The Top Tips for Finding a Job
  • Tips for the Interview
  • ...and more!

Download Dream Job Guide  How to Land Your Dream Job after Vet School

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