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Constant Rate Infusions in Small Animal Veterinary Medicine

Fluid Therapy Tips for Vet Students

Idiopathic Vestibular Disease: Vet Student Summary

Your Vet School Financial Aid is in the Bank: Now What?

How to Prepare for a Recession (Before You've Even Graduated

Communication Across Generations for Vet Students

Controlling the Chaos of Vet School

Equine and Cattle Winter Hazards for Vet Students

Diagnosing Acute Pancreatitis in Dogs

Is it Ethylene Glycol Toxicity? Diagnostic Tips for Vet Students

Career Opportunities in Veterinary Public Health

Top 5 Small Animal Zoonotic Diseases for Vet Students

Antibiotic Resistance: An Overview for Vet Students

How Well Do You Know Your Eye Meds? A Quiz for Vet Students

Feedback is a Gift, so Use it to Enjoy More Success in Your Veterinary Career

Ocular Manifestations of 7 Systemic Veterinary Diseases

A Look at Internship Match Statistics for Veterinary Students

Are you a Vet Student Thinking about Applying to an Internship?

How Hard is it to Get Into Veterinary School? A Look at the Acceptance Rate

VIRMP®  Personal Statement: Dos and Don'ts

The Match: FAQs About the VIRMP

Anatomical and Directional Terminology in Veterinary Medicine

7 Things to Know for Your NAVLE Test Day

Guest Blog: A Month at a World-Class Falcon Hospital Internship

Comparative Anatomy of the Canine, Bovine and Equine Forelimb

Managing Anxiety for the Biggest Test of Your Veterinary Career

Canine Vaccine Fact:  Are DHPP and DA2PP vaccines the same thing?

Detailed Five Month Study Plan for NAVLE Review Questions

Fourth-Year Vet Students, Are You Ready for NAVLE®?

Vet Students: Are you Ready for August 1st NAVLE® Application Deadline?

Spider Bite True or False: 7 Trivia Questions for Veterinary Students

Examples of Free Daily Test Prep Questions for the NAVLE

Snakebite True or False: 7 Trivia Questions for Veterinary Students

Summer Pet Travel Tips for Vet Students

Keep Your Cool When Managing Burns and Heatstroke in Veterinary Patients

You're a veterinary professional that has been criticized, now what?

Workplace Bullying: Coping Strategies for Vet Students

Working with Vet Techs as a New Grad Vet

5 Things You Learn After Vet School

Mindfulness: Can it Help Vet Students and New Grads?

Ask the Right Questions: Minimizing Ethical Dilemmas as a New Grad Vet

10 Mental Health Resources for Veterinarians

Dirofilaria immitis Differences in Cats

"Slow-Kill" Heartworm Treatment: Myths and Misconceptions

False Negative Heartworm Tests and Heat Pretreatment: Info for Vet Grads

Heartworm Resistance: Fact or Fiction?

The surprising thing you may not know about Bartonellosis

What do you know about Brucella canis?

4 Dog Breeding Questions a Vet Should Ask Clients

Over 100 Veterinary Hospital Employees Exposed to Plague by Pet Dog

What is the Best Age to Spay or Neuter Canine Patients?

I need to recommend WHAT to my small mammal clients?

Overcoming Clients' Objections to Veterinary Dentistry

Veterinary Anesthesia-Free Dentistry: What's the Big Deal?

Do's and Don'ts When Communicating with Clients about Veterinary Dentistry

Top 3 Consequences of Untreated Veterinary Dental Disease

Helpful Study Tips for Every Year of Vet School

Learning DO's and DON'T's in Vet School

Priority-Setting for Veterinary Students

Memory: How it works and 5 ways to improve it for Vet Students!

What happened to HGE?

Link: Here's Who I Blame for the High Cost of Veterinary Care

Veterinarians and Vet Students: What can you do to help in times of natural disasters?

The Night Shift: A Health Hazard for Veterinarians?

Link: 6 Tips for Managing Canine and Feline Diabetes

Marijuana Toxicity in Pets: Diagnosis and Treatment

10 Tips to Manage the NAVLE and Veterinary School Stress

Pancreatitis Case Series: An Unfortunate Problem During the Holidays

You've Got This! 7 Things To Do The Day Before The NAVLE®

Imposter Syndrome - Most Veterinarians Suffer From It. Now What?

Keep Calm and Pass the NAVLE®

Tips for Tricky Halloween Veterinary Cases

5 Things that every Introverted Veterinarian Student should know

Veterinarian's Guide to Recognizing Symptoms of Pain in Our Pet Patients

So what EXACTLY is the Dress Code in a Veterinary Setting?

Are You Really Ready For the NAVLE? 5 Things to Do to Prepare

Telemedicine: An E-Visit to the Vet

Veterinarians are... NOT any of these things (except real doctors)

How to Use a Butterfly Catheter

Veterinary Phlebotomy Supplies for Drawing Blood

How to Place an Over the Needle IV Catheter

How to Perform a Veterinary Indirect Blood Pressure Measurement

Link: Walmart will soon offer veterinary care

Veterinarian Shout Outs: 8 Vets You Should Follow Online

6 Best Note-Taking Apps for Vet Students

Make your Veterinary Externships Count!

What's the Ideal Number of Daily Appointments for Veterinarians?

Vet Students: Time to Submit Your NAVLE® Applications

Delusional Parasitosis - What Should Veterinarians Do?

Veterinary Student Tips for the “Peri-Interview” Journey

Pet Food Recalls: A Review on Botulism

How to Prepare for the Dark Side of the Internet (for veterinary students)

9 TED talks recommended for veterinary students

Managing Pain During an Opioid Shortage

Givers vs. Takers: What this means for vet school and for your career

Boost Your Chances for Vet School Acceptance (my aha moment)

Increasing Social Media Reach For Your Vet Practice!

Recalls: Euthanasia Drug in Pet Foods?

Compassion Fatigue Prevention and Self-Care

STOP using Tramadol in Dogs?

Life after vet school?

Canine Influenza Outbreak Update

Streptococcus zooepidemicus Outbreak

The Dreaded Task: 4 Important Tips When Firing a Veterinary Client

When a Veterinary Oncologist’s Work Really Hits Home

5 Types of Veterinary Clients and How to Handle Them

5 Veterinary Blogs for Vets That You Must Read This Year!

The Veterinarian's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Don't Forget about Pseudohyperkalemia

Don't Blow It! 9 Things to Do the Night Before the NAVLE!

Going Back in Time: Things I'd Tell the "Former Veterinary Student Me"

Where do you VetPrep? #WhereDoYouVetPrep

LINK: A Chronicle of a Vet's Life

Now Recruiting Vet Representatives From the Class of 2020

VetPrep is Now an App!

Self-Inflicted Death of the Veterinarian

VIDEO: What to do if Involved with a Medical Mistake

VIDEO: Vet Student, Don't Forget to do This!!!

VIDEO: Bad News for Vet Students

Veterinarian Infographic: Angles of Injection Insertions

VIDEO: How Do We Pick a Veterinary Internship?

VIDEO: Should You Study for the Boards in the Summer?

ViralVet Featured Case: Husky Eye, What's That Dark Spot?

ViralVet Featured Case: Dog with Mystery Mass

How the Method of Loci Can Help You Become A Veterinarian

ViralVet Featured Case: Boer Goat with Neuro Signs

Congratulations Veterinarian Class of 2017!

ViralVet Featured Case: Puffed Up Cockatiel

ViralVet Featured Case: Feline Mast Cell Tumor

ViralVet Case of the Week: Suddenly Blind Cat

VetPrep's Ira Gordon Speaks at Veterinary Innovation Summit at Texas A&M

ViralVet Case of the Week: Goat with Cleft Palate

ViralVet Case of the Week: Egg Bound Iguana

SAVMA 2017

"The Idea" by VetPrep Awards Three Veterinary Student Teams $17,500 in Prizes

Veterinarian Fact: Did you know you can't actually see an X-Ray?

VetPrep Alums Making a Difference:  Andy VanGorder 2016

Congrats Veterinary Students for Receiving Residency & Internship Match Results

Veterinarian Infographic: Anatomy of the Tooth

My Horrible Veterinary Internship Experience

Fact: Did you know dogs have an odd number of lung lobes?

Corporatism and the Future of Veterinary Medicine

Thumbs Up for ViralVet from Germany

ViralVet Case of the Week: Thoracic Mass Mystery with Videos

Veterinarian Infographic: 2017 New Year Resolutions?

'Uber For Veterinarians' Coming To Portland?

AVMA Offers Resources to Fight Cyberbullying

ViralVet Case of the Week: VAC for Degloving Injury, with Video!

Veterinarian Infographic: What is a Salter Harris Fracture?

Veterinarian Student: Cows Have Claws!

The high cost of pursuing a dream to be a veterinarian

Veterinarian Infographic: Canine Cold Weather Risk Assessment Tool

10 Holiday Hazards for Pets Causing True Veterinary Emergencies

November/December 2016 NAVLE® Testers: Do you think you passed the NAVLE?

Tips for Keeping your Pets Safe in Cold Weather

Veterinarian Infographic: Pupils Shape by Species

ViralVet Case of the Week: Starving Slider

Veterinary Class of 2017, Enjoy the Home Stretch!

What Gifts Will You Give Your Cat(s) During The Holidays?

Factors Contributing to Compassion Fatigue: New Data

ViralVet Case of the Week: Skewered Dog

Is Second-Hand Smoke Harmful to Pets? You Betcha!

Market for Veterinarians has been Robust

AVMA Dues for Veterinarians are Due by January 1st Each Year

Opportunities for Veterinarian Students

Infographic: Parts of the ECG Wave for Veterinarians and Students

Tempted to share your Thanksgiving Feast with your Dogs?

Annual Salary for Veterinarians

ViralVet Case of the Week: Damaged Dragon

The NAVLE® is here... Good Luck, Vet Student!

The Veterinary Profession Ranks in the Top Five Again

Infographic: Common Fracture Types for Veterinarians and Students

ViralVet Case of the Week: Crazy Castration Consequence

Work-Life Balance in the Real World for Vet Students

Poll: Nov/Dec 2016 NAVLE®...

LINK: Is this two-faced-calf really "Lucky"?

Fact: Chinchillas can live 15-20 years in captivity!

LINK: Retirement Home for Aging Dogs? It's Real.

ViralVet Case of the Week: Terrible Rat Tumor

LINK: Will DNA Testing save a Death Row Dog?

LINK: How To Talk To Your Clients About Bad Science

Fact: Rabbit Tumor Uterine Adenocarcinoma

NAVLE Pep-Talk, You've Got This!

Poll: Will you Dress your Pets up in a Costume for Halloween?

Bucket list makes sure ailing dog has good ending

Did You Know: Ruminants Lack Upper Incisors

Link: A Love Letter to Veterinary Technicians

Veterinary Spotlight: Victoria Olson, Registered Veterinary Technician, BS

Why Vet Techs are a Veterinarian’s Best Friend

Infographic: Vet Techs - Demystifying all those Credentials

Rapid spread of dog disease can be stopped with diligent infection control

ViralVet Case of the Week: Conjunctival Crisis

Poll: Veterinary Student and Professionals, Have You Contemplated Suicide?

Screwworm outbreak in Florida deer marks first U.S. invasion of the parasite in 30 years

Genetic G6S Testing is Recommended for Nubian Goat Breeding Stock

Link: 5 Qualities of a Good Associate Veterinarian

ViralVet Case of the Week: Eye Eye Eye

Poll: How is your NAVLE Preparation Going?

Link: How Millennials are Changing the Vet Practice

ViralVet Case of the Week: Unexpected Finding

Link: Ross University Launches iPad Program for Vet Students

Link: When in Texas, Beware of the Wiener!

Understanding and Managing Financial Aid in Veterinary School

ViralVet Case of the Week: Fluid Filled Feline

Poll: Which of these Canine Cartoon Characters is your favorite?

Link: AVMA Governmental Relations Student Externship Program

Fact: There is no Universal Blood Donor among the Feline Species

The Consequence and Stress of Not Achieving A's in Vet School

Link: The True Cost of Dogs

Link: Vet School Reality Series...for real

Infographic: Red Blood Cell Morphology Review

Link: Woman's Pet Dog Gave Her A Life-Threatening Infection

ViralVet Case of the Week: Brachycephalic Syndrome Surgery

Poll: Are your CATS current on their Rabies vaccinations?

Do YOU Want to be a VetPrep Student Rep?

Did you know this about Acepromazine and other Phenothiazine drugs and Boxers

Link: One Piece of Gum can Kill your Dog

ViralVet Case of the Week: Death by Dirofilaria immitis

Infographic: Blood Tube Quick Reference for Veterinarians

Is there a Middle Ground between Gold-Standard Care and Euthanasia in Veterinary Medicine?

Did You Know: Needle Aspirates with Cytology

Link: 3d Printing Helps Turtle Walk!

Poll: Pet Insurance

Link: Wackiest Pet Names of 2016

Did You Know THIS about the Term Neuter?

Link: 6 tips to make behavior easier and more efficient in your practice

Veterinarian Spotlight: Dr. Jason Stanhill

Link:7 Best Life Tips For Authentic Work Satisfaction in the Vet Practice

Infographic: Immunization Review

How Vets Can Help Combat Dog Breed-Specific Restrictions

ViralVet Case of the Week: Surprise Bladder Sand

Poll: Dog Breed Bans

Link: For Vets, Caring For Sick Pets And Grieving Owners Takes A Toll

Did You Know: All Drugs Have Three Names

Link: Dog Becomes Double Amputee after Sword Attack

ViralVet Case of the Week: Scapular Mass

Do Our Pets Really Need All Those Vaccines?

Link: Animal Rescues Increase Thanks To Pokemon Go (Really)

Infographic: Basic Suture Patterns

Link: When Veterinary Clients spend the most—and the least

ViralVet Case of the Week: Terrible Tumor

Why You Should Not be Without a Pet During Vet School

Link: Exercise with your dog to improve fitness together

Veterinarian Spotlight: Dr. Danille Woodrum

Poll: Are Vaccine Clinics Hurting Quality Veterinary Care?

Link: Synthetic Canine Cadavers for All!

Did You Know: "Polled" Animals don't have Horns

Vet Student with vision helps Navajo Nation

ViralVet Case of the Week: Coughing Goldendoodle

10 Tips for Vet School Success

DVM, are you unhappy at work? May be more than just a bad day.

Infographic: Canine Lymph Node Review

VetPrep users, Have you heard about the Pile of Done?

ViralVet Case of the Week: Eye-catching Flamingo

Poll: Where are your Dogs when you go on Vacation?

Nine Scientific Reasons why Dogs are Man's Best Friend

LaMancha Goat Ears: Genetic NOT Surgically Altered!

ViralVet Case of the Week: Oh Deer!

Is Your Dog A Smarty Pants? 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Who Am I Fooling? Imposter Syndrome in Veterinary Medicine

Infographic: Blood Chemistry Quick Reference

June Veterinarian Spotlight: Dr. Cynde Gardner

POLL: Which Oral Flea Prevention Do You Prefer?

In the War Against Student Debt, Vet Students are Not Alone!

POLL UPDATE:  Vet School - 53% say NO to doing it again

ViralVet Case of the Week: Chicken Covered Rocks

Link: Rising Number of Vet Students have Second Thoughts

Vet School, Would You Do It Again? Why so many are saying NO!

Does Anger Destroy the Human-Animal Bond?

Infographic: Common Hernias of Veterinary Patients

5 Tips to help New Vets decide to Treat or Refer

ViralVet Case of the Week: Lab Impaled by Stick

POLL:  Fracture Scenario -Treat or Refer

Foods You Love That Can Kill Your Pets

Diagnosis - Trichobezoar

Link: Ready to sign an employment contract? Remove your compensation blinders.

POLL:  Vet School - Would You Do It Again?

Link: When Providing the Best Care Isn't an Option (for the Client's Pocketbook)

Clinical Pathology Review: Bile Acids Challenge Testing

What Not to do on Vet School Summer Break

POLL:  What Veterinary Job Duty do you Despise?

Link: A Safe Place for DVMs to Discuss Suicide and Struggles

Medical Term Fact: -pathy

Link: Are Veterinarians Legally Required to Report Animal Cruelty?

Veterinarian Spotlight: Dr. Caitlin DeWilde

Why a Lyme Disease Diagnosis should be followed by Referral

Infographic: Diagnosing Cushing's Disease in Dogs

Have You Seen What's New With VetPrep?!

Robotic CT Scanner for Horses? Penn Vet did it!

Link: Public Potties for Pets? It's Real.

POLL:  How often do you really give your pet heartworm prevention?

Mini Horse with Prosthetic Hoof? Yep!

National Help a Horse Day #NationalHelpAHorseDay

April Spotlight Veterinarian- Dr. Shannon McCollough

DVMs Receive the Best Advice from Veterinary Mentors

Tips and Tricks for finding Veterinary Jobs

Role of Practices in Reducing DIR for Veterinary Graduates

Check out these Alternative Careers for Vets

Don't be Fooled, Vet Student!

March Spotlight Veterinarian - Dr. Pamela Fonti

Are you poisoning your pet, Vet Student?

Iowa State University puts on spectacular SAVMA Symposium

Test Your Irish Dog Breed Knowledge

National Ag Day! Why you should care, Vet Student.

What Happens To A Vet In Vegas… Stays In Vegas?

Moral stress the top trigger in veterinarians’ compassion fatigue

Can we quantify the true cost of veterinary student debt?

Bad News, Vet Student

5 Questions you should never ask pet owners, Vet Student

February Spotlight Veterinarian-  Dr. Brent Mayabb

Vet Student, will we see you at SAVMA Symposium?


Vet Student:  Let’s talk about Euthanasia

Vet Student:  Are you afraid of performing surgery?

Vet Student: What I wish I had known about the NAVLE during Vet School

You know you're a Vet Student when...

Vet Student: Are you ready to be a public figure?

Corporate Veterinary Practice Pros & Cons

Veterinary Medicine:  Can a Woman-Dominated Profession Survive?

Six Strategies for Answering NAVLE Questions

The Veterinarian, The Litter Box, The Littermate and The Spouse

January Spotlight Veterinarian: Dr. Feli Tantiyatyanon

What I Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me Before The VIRMP Rank

The Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Veterinarians

#VETSTUDENT, You Passed the NAVLE!

When Veterinarians Fail

Got Debt? How You Can Be Competitive: Veterinary Job Outlook 2016

SDMA and Early Renal Disease, Free CE from IDEXX January 7th

The Top 5 Veterinary Stories of 2015!

Fairness To Pet Owners Act of 2015 or Hassle for Vets?

‘Tis the Season for Toxicities! Fa la la la la…

Negotiating A Contract: Understanding Compensation

5 Weight Management Tips for Pets

December Spotlight Veterinarian- Dr. Sarah Boston

Why Should I Go To the SAVMA Symposium?

5 Ways To Spend Your Summer Vacation Wisely

Dangers at the Dog Park

Winter Safety Tips for Pets

10 Tips to Start Off Your Veterinary Career

Happy Hamster Thanksgiving

7 Tips for Osteoarthritis Management in the Dog

Consequences of Anesthesia Free Dental Cleanings

5 Pet Dangers to Watch Out for this Thanksgiving

The 2015 Nov/Dec NAVLE Window is Here!

Sleep and Academic Performance

November Spotlight Veterinarian Dr. Melanie Landry Church

Preventing Veterinary Dog Bite Injuries

Dogs Can Help with Asthma Prevention?

Treating and Preventing Antibiotic Resistant Infections in Practice

7 Steps to Improve Your Bedside Manner

Holiday Dangers - October Edition

Increasing Feline Examinations in Practice?

Drug Update: What's going on with Ketamine?

The Spay and Neuter Debate

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Monensin Toxicity

Vet Techs Make the Veterinary World Go Round

October Spotlight Veterinarian Dr. Patti Dressel

Rabies... it's still out there.

A New Way to Practice Painful Procedures

Don't Be a Target for Thieves

10 Tips for Outstanding Vet / Client Communication

Top 10 Tips to Excel in Clinics

Avian Influenza just won't quit

Tips for Staying Physically and Mentally Healthy Through Vet School

Veterinarian Spotlight: Dr. Mauricio Dujowich

AVMA Predicts That You Just Might Be Able to Pay Off Your Loans

A Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) Overview

Being Late to the Most Important Test of My Life: NAVLE

To Internship or Not to Internship for Veterinary Students NAVLE

Looking Back at Veterinary Medicine 40 Years Ago.

Don't Go It Alone

Ticks and Their Personalities

Lyme Disease is Increasing in Prevalence

What will they ask me on the NAVLE?

The Golden Rule

Rescuing Wildlife

Hospice for Veterinary Patients: A Growing Opportunity

Zebras are Everywhere

Microchips are so important!

Why Does Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) Receive So Much Attention?

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